peculiar atmosphere

I love parks. I love walking through nature as if I were part of it. However, I also like museums. So a mix of both is something I would never miss. A colonial exhibition was held in "le Jardin d'agronomie tropical" where you can see "Indochinese", Tunisian, Algerian temples... It's just so beautiful and stunning, I was mesmerized. It's like the remains of France's past. It's too interesting not to go.

I hope you're going to enjoy my photographs. Just so you know if you're not far of Paris, you can go to this park Just by taking the RER A to "Nogent sur Marne"

Vous pourrez trouver ce parc en vous rendant à Nogent-sur-Marne (rer A). Il s'appelle le Jardin d'agronomie tropicale, je vous mets le lien sur un article qui en parle vraiment bien et qui m'a donné envie d'y aller :

La plus belle porte que j'ai vu... On a l'impression d'être en Chine.
One of the most beautiful doors I've seen in my life... It's like we were in a Chinese temple. When you're just curious... Quand t'es curieux ahah
isn't the facade particularly ... peculiar ? me // je it smelled like s°°t. that's why he did that if i remember nostalgia

See you in more or less one month.


"Photographe" à mes heures perdues

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