tell me : mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Mirror, mirror ... it sounds way better in English. So I didn't put this title for nothing. The theme of this post is reflection. I went to a famous "museum" with one of my friends called the Institut du Monde Arabe. It's one of my favorite museum in Paris with Orsay. So if you go to Paris, don't forget to visit it ! ∩( ・ω・)∩ ...

Ultimately, it's time to talk about photography ! This are just four pictures (of my friend haha) but they all have something about reflection in it. What I like with mirrors and reflection is that you see yourself but it's not like a picture where nothing moves it's you moving in front of yourself. One of the best thing in the IMA is that it's like the architect chose to play with the lights, reflection and mirrors. I really like this kind of geometric space with beautiful windows and subtle light fluctuations. So take time to "look" and not only "see" the light in my pictures !

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I will post every month from now on BUT the next theme will be in only one week (yay) ! This is the reason why this post isn't really long! Hope you liked this set of pictures ! see you soon ! 👋🏽

(bye from my friend, I and the little rainbow that appeared magically)


"Photographe" à mes heures perdues

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