ok, it's january

Hello people !

I'm basically going to rewind what I did during January in photos !


Les Tuileries, with friends.

W/ my class. going to a museum. (it's Jing)

explaining how my camera works.

walking in Paris. never want to grow up.


This picture of my beautiful friend was taken when We were going to the Pinder circus. There was a wall with loads of lights and everything and it looked so pretty that We started taking pictures. On a side note, We spent a nice time at the circus, it was as if I dive back into childhood.

I took this other picture that I really like. The light, the action, the people on the picture... All the elements to make a good picture.

really beautiful don't you think ?


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see you soon !
👋 love ya !

(my "soon" is different from yours haha)


"Photographe" à mes heures perdues

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