tell me : is it greece?

Yo, it's Em'.

I took so much pictures during all this time! Let's be honest, that's quite logical (was gone for 3 fkcn months). No particular reason. Anyway, we're on vacation so I did some articles in advance so they will be posted a lil' bit more regularly.

I hope you'll like these pictures. They were taken this summer, in Greece and they are really dear to my heart. I tried to do a video with all of my memories but Imovie doesn't wanna work with me sooooo... I'll try later!


I would like to start taking more realistic photos.

This pic is a good example I think. At the end of the day, it's one of my favorite.

love you all (oh the CRINGE) and see you next week!


"Photographe" à mes heures perdues

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